Dare to be Slim

Is it true that you are disappointed with your weight? Is it fair to say that you feel disappointed that you are making a decent attempt to be in better shape and that the pounds seem to be sinking anyway? Do you think that you are in a lost battle and are prone to having the weight you need to be?
Of course, you know that you are not the only one. Many people have similar feelings and disappointments with the "Ardennes Skirmish". As a psychotherapist, I have advised many people with different problems. Weight control was a recurring problem. Over the years, I've adapted important fundamentals to why we have so many disadvantages to become our ideal weight.
First, I discovered that in our intuition two parts of us are in a back and forth. We will call them the positive and negative parts. The positive part pulls you in one direction as she says, "I have to lose weight." While the negative part, also called the scared part, pulls you in the opposite direction and screams, "I'm reluctant to lose weight!" And my every effort.
As should be obvious, if you are not your ideal weight, it is often because of the negative part of the scared part is responsible. In this way, you need to connect and overcome your weight loss concerns for the positive part to win the fight. Then come negative decisions or fears that show up in the forgetfulness of my clients, who saved them from their ideal weight:
1. "If I'm slim and attractive, people will send me away." (The colleagues envied her commitment when she was about twelve years old.)
2. "It is not protected to be thin." (She was attacked.)
3. "If I'm skinny, I'll start a new relationship and hesitate to hurt myself again." (She was hurt in a previous relationship, so she built up a lot of fat to assure herself.)
4. "When I'm thin, I'll be wiped out." (She was unusually thin and weak when she was Tyke.)
5. "When I'm thin, I'll be helpless." (A dominant idiot attacked him when he was ten years old.)
6. "I'm worried, I will not have enough to eat later." (When he was young, he was often insatiable.)
7. "I can not stand the consideration that I receive from men." (She was very attractive when she was skinny.)
8. "I'm afraid he just needs me for my body." (She believed that she had not been recognized for her knowledge.)
9. "Love food and take care." (As a girl she probably knew love and consideration when she was born.)
10. "I hesitate to feel my feelings." (She stuffed her emotions, especially fear and outrage.)
11. "I am angry with my father, my mother or my loving partner." (I'll show them - they need me to be slim)
12. "I'm terrible, I have no right to feel better." (She regretted and rejected.)
13. "I am afraid of being tempted to participate in extramarital involvement." (She was worried about her marriage.)
14. "I would not know if I'm skinny, that my identity is known." (She fears the darkness.)
After overcoming their fear of being their ideal weight, clients regularly said, "This is the first time in my life that I've discovered my plan to improve my health simply." They realized that their negative and unconscious sides were calm and that they never again fought their untiring efforts to be thin.
To describe, if you want to be thin, overcome your fear at this point. You can be the person you need. You have the right to be a happy, healthy, attractive and slender person. Shoot all the stops!

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