Do you Want to be Thinner, Healthy and Fit?

Although we offer a successful and regular article for the unfortunate fat - Jen Fe's Next Fat Patch and Power Patch *, we also realize that without your commitment, you will have to make some changes in your life will not come to an ideal misfortune. , There are no products on the planet that can cause great pain when we eat and drink exorbitantly, and we gradually move from one chair to another and then to an office chair. We need a sensible diet program and exercises that strengthen the elements we use to promote weight loss.

What to eat:
1. Lots of vegetables and natural products
2. Increase the consumption of sound proteins. In this way, you build up a thin muscle tissue that accelerates your digestion. The models are fish, lean meat, low-fat dairy, beans, and soy products.
3. High-fiber substances. They will be finished and they will fulfill. This class includes peas, beans, oat grains, potato peel, nuts and seeds, cereals, bulger wheat, goods heated to 100% whole wheat, hardwoods.
4. Minerals. Calcium and various minerals are "obvious benefits" for muscles and fats. They are contained in low-fat dairy products, small fish or canned fish, soybean, green vegetables, nuts, seeds, wheat kernels, and calcium-fortified oranges and keep a strategic distance with stacked salty foods.
5. Eat fish and good fats. Unsaturated omega-3 fats in some fish, oils, and nuts are decent fats. Eat moderate amounts of salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, and other smooth fish. Soy, nuts and pumpkin seeds are also a hot spot for omega-3 fatty acids.
6. Reduce harmful fats - dipped and trans fats. These are not only high in calories; they are also stacked with unsaturated harmful fats that cause the disease.
7. Always have enough breakfast for various reasons: It accelerates your digestion before the day and prevents you from having breakfast, making it more difficult to control your hunger later in the day.
8. Reduce or discard alcoholic beverages. It is rich in non-filling calories. The perfect use is a glass of beer or wine over several days.
9. Avoid starchy foods - sugar and white flour are diet killers except for the smallest amounts.
10. Gradually reduce your calorie intake as your body can save money, stop eating calories and relieve back pain by suddenly and utterly avoiding excessive food intake.
11. Unlike large meals, snacks - larger and higher calorie dinners - are generally considered to be fat rather than consumed for their vitality. In a perfect world, you should eat five to six liters of nutritious snacks every day instead of large dinners.
12. Move! You should train to build lean tissue that consumes fat. Lean as a few hours on at least seven days of lively walking you will notice a noticeable effect on your weight loss.
13. Reduce pressure. It creates an unfavorable science that creates fat in your body. Try hot showers, reflections, deep breathing, stretching, back massage, petitions and rest.
14. Go out into the daylight for 20 minutes a day during the day - the nutrient D you receive through daylight works fat with calcium for health and body fat control.
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