How to defeat your junk food addiction

I think many people will agree that it is worthwhile to say thank you for a healthy life. That is, who would not mind being beautiful, believing and having more vitality? However, it is difficult to make a real speech about your well-being without talking about nutrition. It's typical abstinence: "I'd like to eat cheaper, but I can not give up on it." Whether we are bread and pasta or dedicated to seeing our favorite sweet, our confidence in mediocre food makes our efforts to eat more safely, certainly.
Anyway, it made me think: What makes a bad diet so incredible? Why are some things easier to give up than others? And how is it that some people simply can not be separated from their favorite foods? There are a few reasons, but I think the best known are the episode of:
- Established tastes and culinary examples from the youth time.
- Temptations at home, at work and in media advertising.
- Our use of "Comfort Food" as support in coping with our enthusiastic problems as opposed to deeper problems.
Fortunately, you do not have to confine yourself to the food you eat. You can take responsibility for your livelihood decisions and create better eating habits. Also, you can have fun with it! I guarantee. All you need is an agreement to assist you. Here is the technique I used to overcome the increase in poor quality foods. It's simple, easy to use and it works.
1. Describe What Junk Food Is For You.
You can not handle the cost of a "should or should not" experience with your livelihood decisions. This process should be programmed as it would be prudent. We define exactly what you need to stay away from. For me, I do not make sweets, donuts or sweet drinks.
2. Decide Why You Do It.
It is safe to say that you do this because you need to look at the coast in the middle of the year or take your next wedding photos. These are good reasons, but they are there and have an end date. At what time? Your reasons count. I find that the dominant helpers are those who push us to make lasting and authentic changes in our lives. As such, we are exhausted from living in one direction and need something better for us.
2. Master The Mind Game.
Research has shown that the unconscious segment of our mind responsible for managing real-world abilities such as breathing, heart rate, and so on also has a great deal of control over our practices and activities. Do not try to trust me? Try this:
Close your eyes and clear your psyche. Define yourself now: "Do not look at a pink elephant." What is the most important idea that has flown in your brain - pink elephant, right? Although you deliberately did not think about a pink elephant, the main elephant your unconscious personality could summon was a rose. This is because your unconscious personality does not oppositely treat the instructions. At the end of the day, when he hears "Do not look at a pink elephant," he decodes the direction in "Look at a pink elephant!" The science behind this process is beyond the scope of this paper.
You can use this incredible advantage to increase your potential benefits by using the proclamations expressed positively. Whenever you come up with a viable decision, you must stay away. Instead of saying something like "I can not eat this sweet treat" or "I should not eat this piece of cake," more and more try something like "I like making solid nutritional choices and healthy for your health." I. "By expressing yourself positively, you refrain from sending merged signs to your brain by indicating your genuine personality traits that it can understand and supplement, so take it often and state it positively whenever you do Urge to eat poor quality.
4. Reward Yourself.
I can not imagine that it is always the reality if one withholds his bad favorite food. I think a reward framework keeps you focused, focused and focused on your goals. I continue the rule of 90/10. I make sure that 90% of my dinners are healthy during the week. At the end of the week, I do it when I make a pastry or have a pizza with one of my dinners. I do not regret it and I do not stress. Staying active, working and following Rule 90/10 has not significantly increased my waste chain. The key here is the presence of the mind. You know your body and know what you can handle. Choose a predictable reward frame with your goals and not counterproductive.
Things To Remember
- Use positive mantras such as "I like informed livelihoods" to stay on track. Believe me, this is your most important asset.
- Remember to force through a constant change. Start moderately. Write a few things in your rating and paste them from there.
- If you are chaotic, do not blame yourself. Just concentrate and do not insist. Stay in motion. Insistence. Supporter.
Overcoming your low-quality food dependence is a workout. With a little time and effort, you will find it will be easier to make the right choices for your food. You just have to stay in the game.
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