It is quite obvious that due to the poor results in recreation centers and the consumption of fewer calories, there are significant misconceptions about the fats of fats. These arise halfway because people forget who is wise but indulge in clever publicity regarding the great calamity, and because they are misled by indecent magazines and become progressively insensitive and assets of "well-being and well-being." Here are the top ten mistakes when trying to lose muscle versus fat (without any special request):

1) Do not understand the meaning of food

If I could yell at you through your screen and hit your head with an elastic hammer until you have the message in your head, I'll do it. "They can not generously lose muscle mass in terms of fat without thinking carefully about survival". An excessive number of people will be fit on their way to the recreation center while being disturbed by overflow and infused stomach. I often see people who have the right to be much less fat and physically nicer! They are not only aware that they are too lazy to subsist on. An extreme one-hour exercise (and I mean intense) can move between 500 and 600 calories. However, a disguised gymnastic bar in the form of an exhibition drink can bring back half of its time in 1-2 minutes.

This is regularly followed by "I'm Starving" when you enter the fitness center. You stop for a quick nut bite while cooking your plain white pasta dinner and the implanted steroids / non-organic chicken preparations. When the noodles are cooked, touch them with some dolomite sauce and unwind them. Congratulations, you have recently recorded about three times more calories than you have taken. In reality, a smart diet can be a difficult change at first, which is why many people stay away from it. In any case, you will fly after the main week or so because of big calamity, level of vitality and performance of the exercise. The best thing is to start immediately "without weaning" instead of putting things on stage. Eliminate caffeine, alcoholic beverages, distributed foods, gluten, and dairy products for about fortnight without compromise, and you'll be stunned.

2) Quantity on the quality

This could also be called a "movement on completion". Since the beginning of the training, there seems to be another type of wellness enthusiast who accepts the fact that more is better. It's not surprising that individuals complete more than 8 to 9 lessons for seven days, including ridiculous lessons such as BodyPump and a three-way knee test with intense training. The best of the fat needs (and most of the different components of the long-term wellness bars) is achieved by the consistency of the strength of the preparation (combined with the supply, as already mentioned). If you can last longer than 45 minutes, you will not settle for enough. Also, various studies show that after 45 minutes of difficult exercises, the body begins to separate the muscles. Less muscle means less metabolism, which means less fat consumption. Shorten your sessions and increase your strength. A complete body enhancement session can include a comprehensive workout such as squats and deadlifts, powerful flare arrangements and chest exercises, as well as an intensive final casting class!

3) Underestimate the social factor

If your partner is fat, do not worry, he must commit to everything about well-being and well-being. I do not care what they read. Be very aware of what it's about. As you prepare to meet other people who need to drive themselves, you will think about your results.

4) You think you need carbohydrates

The main period when you need carbohydrate foods is when you are fighting for long-term maintenance. And once everything is said and done, it is bound to the timing of the preparation and the rivalry. If you're trying to lose weight between muscle and fat and sitting at work all day, eat oatmeal, cereals, sandwiches, and pasta, especially if there are any. No extreme course is the fastest method of disappointment.

5) Not super moisturizing

The human body consists of 70% more or less water. Each cell relies on water for structure and capacity. These are essentially those phones that consume calories and help you lose weight. When you are in a state of dehydration (even if it is minor), your body goes into "survival mode," which includes maintaining muscle / fat ratio. Choose 1 liter of non-ionized, oxygenated water, packaged and ionized for 20 to 25 kg body weight. For a woman of 6 kg, that's 3 liters of the substance. In addition to the fat loss guide, when you lose weight, you regularly release piles of poisons that are stored in the fat cells of bygone times. This can make you feel uncomfortable at first. So if you drink a lot of water, you can get rid of these poisons better. When your body discovers large amounts of venom, it stably blocks the arrival of fat in the cells, stopping your efforts to get in shape!

6) Fear of fats

Fats do not make you fat. Too many starches used outside the base, excessive pressure, inadequate exercise, and inadequate food and water supplies make you fatter. Fats from common sources, such as nuts, avocados, oils, especially olive oil, coconut oil, and olives, are an incredible source of calories that boost your metabolism, increase your testosterone levels during exceptional weight-loss sessions and improve your resilience. prepare better and live. Which are all useful for the big calamity fast! Also, it is known that fish oils improve the digestion of fats and reduce deterioration.

7) At short notice

In the short term, this is an enemy of many attempts to change the physical make-up. This may be because individuals agree that fast sweating and stress can be compared to the animation of metabolic changes during the week. After thorough preparation of the weight, the body has many jobs to solve, which increases the oxygen demand in your body more than cardio training. This increases your metabolism by possibly consuming more calories while you sleep or at work! Another kind of short-term is the prevailing fashion of the old man. Imagine each of the women in your office constantly discussing "less food" - few of them are so slim and those who look more like the Reaper because of their weakness. First, increase your well-being by reducing the muscle-fat ratio at breakneck speed. In a year, you'll probably lose four to five times more muscle than fat and live a happier, more soothing and fulfilling life. live! If you need a slim silhouette like a competitor, do not try to arrive at the cornerstone for reliable preparation, strong goals and a daily clean diet.

8) Do not recover

Understand that your body does not improve during exercise. It gets worse because you have less vitality, less quality, and recently separate muscle groups before the end of a captivating session! If you make an effort to relax, recover, recover, feed, and rest at this point, it will occur as your hormone levels rise and your muscles are renewed. Trying to become stronger and stronger will inevitably lead to an accident that will make you tired forever, driving you into the middle of bodybuilding, and never putting your muscles against fat! When you no longer recover physically, you will notice huge improvements in body synthesis and vitality.

9) Believe that you must always have fun at work

This is one of those thoughts used by government agencies to prevent more and more people from getting bigger and bigger to get their backs out of the chair. The reason why many of these people would rather not train is, in their view, the effort: The profit share is too high. In fact, from time to time, to get the best results, you have to do things that hurt, sweat, swear, and make your life difficult for a short time. The results will be extraordinary!

10) Follow the standard

Whatever they do, they do the opposite because they are usually fat, unwanted, injured, diabetic, or in a condensed lesson with heart problems. Long-term coaching exercises simply lead to disappointment when there are no results, or to more horror, weakness, illness, and harm.

- Body Pump
- Aerobics
- Fixed use of the machine in leisure centers
- Zumba and all the "newest varieties" of inadequate recreational activities that only cause sweat
- Sugar filled improvements
- High protein content consumes less carbohydrates
- Looking for comfort in people who are too apathetic to stick to their livelihood plan
- Run every 10 km under the sun instead of winning for a pair
- Training camps that do little else but take you for an hour in a recreation center to keep on playing

Think about what you do and why, and stop making similar mistakes.
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