If You're Dieting, Choose Rye Toast For Breakfast

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If you are trying to avoid minor bumps that could affect your weight loss, swap your wheat toast for rye or choose rye-based oatmeal.

Analysts at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences found that rye bread suppressed hunger at breakfast for the next three hours. The tests were concluded with a "typical" breakfast, but rye bread was replaced by wheat bread. Caloric intake with rye breakfast associated with caloric intake with a comparable wheat breakfast.

In the experiment, the fact that the loaves are made with rye wheat or filtered rye flour has no effect. The measure of rye also does not appear to be delivered. Different loaves yielded between 5 and 8 grams of rye per morning meal, but all the equations yielded the same result: a permanent reduction in desire and craving to eat.

Also, the effects seemed to last until the evening. By the time the subjects ate an "ordinary" lunch, they did not meet the typical craving in the middle of the evening.

The experts have not yet decided to explain these effects, but I think they are trying to understand them. In the meantime, to a certain extent, this could be considered a supernatural event for the very large number of Americans who need to lose weight but prefer not to take any medicines and can or want to prevail controlled diet.

If the simple trade of rye bread against wheat bread with breakfast can keep the calorie counter early in the day and in the middle of the evening, the weight loss industry may not be able to do it. No need to be discovered by overweight people.

This revelation could be a real threat to the billion-dollar weight-loss industry.

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