What Is the 17 Day Diet All About?

As Dr. Mike Moreno, the maker of the 17-day diet, said, this is perhaps the most important diet for everyone, whether you want to lose only 5 or 50 pounds. Essroutine is also very adaptable and can engage in fluctuating lifestyles. It has 4 modified 17-day cycles and 17-minute exercises each day. He is committed to perpetuating the effects of weight loss.
As other nutritional projects promoting comparative methods have no chance, this nutritional program of Dr. Ing. Moreno maybe something else for you. Essroutine includes 3 cycles of 17 days and a support phase designed to allow you to maintain your ideal load for an incredible rest. Whether you want to cut a few inches from your abdomen or reach your optimal weight, this nutritional routine is designed to help you lose weight fast, promote digestion and avoid levels.
According to Dr. Mike Moreno would like to see all our quick results and the caloric breathing technique used in the 17-day diet program so that you can see the results as soon as possible. Besides, calorie counters do not feel exhausted when they consume comparable nutrients every day.
The 17-day diet has 4 cycles: accelerate, activate, reach and arrive.
Accelerate or the first cycle. This cycle aims to reduce your eating habits to 1200 calories a day. It allows you to get a better physical shape of 10 to 15 pounds, which would be mostly water. The cycle is hydrated, washed, getting rid of unfortunate starches, improving nutritional patterns and promoting digestion of fats.
Enactor the second cycle. At this point, diets are replaced with a slightly higher calorie diet. According to the manufacturer, between cycles, your digestive system is disrupted, you do not get tired and your body is encouraged to consume fat that will allow you to lose up to 6 pounds towards the end of the cycle.
Finishing or third cycle. This phase is considered the adaptation cycle that includes more favorable susceptibilities during a slow weight reduction step of about 2 to 3 pounds.
Arrival or fourth cycle. In this phase, you have the opportunity to reach your optimal weight. During this last phase, you must follow the latest 17-day controlled feeding programs at the end of the week to maintain your new weight forever.
Exercising for at least 17 minutes during the first 2 cycles is also important. During the last 2 cycles, you must exercise 150 minutes a week to maintain your weight.
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